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Intell Security, Inc.

Intell Security, Inc.ís extensive security experience provides our clients with a wide array of services to meet the needs to protect their interests. We serve a diverse clientele that expects superior service with an open line of communication.

Intell Security, Inc. believes that with our combined 90 years of law enforcement experience we are well equipped to handle various security situations. We have been in business in the Chicago land area since 1989. We are fully insured with respect to General Liability and Workmanís compensation. Intell Security, Inc. is properly licensed in the State of Illinois.

We are Open 24 Hours a Day and 7 Days a Week!

Our Clients Include:

  • construction/demolition sites
  • hotels/conventions
  • retail stores
  • railroads
  • trucking companies
  • manufactures
  • utility companies
  • housing developments

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